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  • Reviewed by: asdas  on: 27/08/2015

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  • Reviewed by: wpruitt764  on: 29/04/2014

    Delivery driver had major attitude and refused to give me my change, Over $6 I went to the store and had pilice meet me there, Store operator refunded the cost of the food and the money taken by the Driver, a Police report is on file.

  • Reviewed by: PurpleStar1965  on: 10/07/2013

    I write as I eat lunch take out from Oishi. Sushi is very good as is the Vegatable Hibachi. Squid Salad - I will not order again - in fact - I will not eat the order that I have. Just tastes "off". But everything else is really very good. I like that I went in and ordered take out and the sushi and hibachi were made to order. Prices are fair. Staff was helpful and friendly. Definitely a new lunch place for me !

  • Reviewed by: navylee3  on: 07/07/2013

    I recently ordered some food from Oishi Japanese Express. The food was excellent. The steak was cooked just right, not over- or under- cooked. I would definitely order food from there again.

  • Reviewed by: jnae82  on: 21/06/2013

    Can any roll be made with soy paper instead of seaweed?

  • Reviewed by: lvmagicman82  on: 06/06/2013

    On June 6, 2013 I ordered the following: Kani Cheese (6 pcs) Fried Gyoza Chicken & Steak(H) +Extended:Medium-well Edamame One hour later no food to be had. Called several time to the restaurant, and they said repeatedly that the food was on the way. When I did get my food I touched everything on the order to examine the temperature and it was hardly warm, I called them back, and from the broken English, I was able to explain to her that I want my order canceled, and refunded. She told me to tell the delivery girl to return the food back to the restaurant, and I will get my ordered canceled. Their excuse was too many orders at the same time, but there was only three to the base, as per the delivery girl. I will not be ordering from this place again.

  • Reviewed by: kgranger1988  on: 15/05/2013

    The prices are fantastic and the food tastes amazing. Thank you!

  • Reviewed by: yangruowen  on: 18/04/2013

    It's a good restaurant with good food and service and reasonable price . I love this place!!

  • Reviewed by: lidiajin  on: 18/04/2013

    Great customer service! The lady in the front was very patient as it took me 5 minutes to choose what I wanted to eat. I can be indecisive at times. Amazing =) Thank you

  • Reviewed by: chenxiaopu  on: 18/04/2013

    So delicious!

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