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  • Reviewed by:   on: //7/6/

    Had the steak and chicken with fried rice. It was fast and they're friendly. Like the call ahead deal. Wasn't a big fan of the rice though.

  • Reviewed by: mrdrdeetz  on: //2018

    McDonald's tier food

  • Reviewed by: funkychicken42  on: //2018


  • Reviewed by: testing123  on: //2017

    testing, testing, this is a test.

  • Reviewed by: test  on: //2017


  • Reviewed by: eeldragon  on: 18/08/2016

    By far the best food delivery in this area.

  • Reviewed by: michaelhoward36  on: 15/08/2016

    I just ordered and gave wrong email

  • Reviewed by: yellowmoose94_lol  on: 15/02/2016

    Do NOT order oishi online just call or go in. this is the third time they have delayed our order ov

  • Reviewed by: PatriciaWashington24  on: 01/02/2016


  • Reviewed by: williamsashleyrae  on: 25/10/2015

    My husband placed a phone order at 647 tonight and waited over an hour in the store for our food. He was then given an incorrect order and had to be chased down in the parking lot by the customer who ordered it. If that wasn't bad enough, when he walks back into the restaurant empty handed, he is told by the woman at the cashier that they don't know where his order is. They finally found it sitting in the "call in" section. The hibachi is cold the sushi is warm and we are not happy. Make this right Oishi. When you are good you are one of our favorite spots, but when you are bad, you are the worst.

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